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Our Story

Coffin Gems® "The Morbid Tiffany's"


Coffin Gems® started  in 1995 based on the owners' life-long love of Halloween and all things "horror", specifically the 60's-70's British Hammer studio films.  

The gemstones became very popular with customers so she added the jewelry line. Over the years Coffin Gems® has been featured in Gothic Beauty and Rue Morgue magazines; has been a vendor at Ozzfest, Transworld Halloween show, Fear Fest, and many other events.  Coffin Gems® was also featured as a guest segment of the I Heart TV show in Canada. 

Starting with just 3 colors, the business has now grown to 17 colors, all cut from semi-precious materials to bring out the highest level of color and sparkle. 

All of our designs are created using Sterling Silver (.925 USA grade). We use genuine stone materials in our designs such as onyx, quartz, spinel, corundum, sapphire corundum and topaz. Some of these are heat-treated to bring out the vibrant colors that you see. Corundum is what mother nature made natural gems from! We only choose materials that have a Mohs scale hardness factor of 7.0 or better for beauty and durability. Our materials vary from batch to batch, depending on what is available in our quantities at the time of purchase.