Countessa Di Fangxious
Factors of  Jewelry Pricing and Quality
  • The more metal used – the higher the price.  Thin metal designs cost less than thick metal designs.  We created thicker metal designs so the piece will last.  This is very important when casting sterling silver, as it is soft and pliable, therefore will bend easy.  Our settings are cast as one piece - not spot soldered strips of metal.       

  • The type of metal used - .925 sterling silver is more affordable than gold, especially with the continued volatility of the gold markets; however, sterling silver is much more pliable than gold, therefore, more care needs to be taken when wearing the design.  Be very afraid... of anything "plated" The base is always cheap metal and the plating will wear off over time.  We only use 100% solid-cast sterling silver and solid-cast 10k gold.  We don't waste our time with anything less and you shouldn't settle for anything less

  • What about 14k or 18k gold?  Sure, we would be happy to give you a quote on that if you would like it, but we found that 10k does the job nicely without the additional expense for most customers, so that is what we stock.  

  • Gemstone Type/Grade/Size – All of these factor into the final price.  We use the highest quality materials we can obtain that will accept our coffin cut.  They are 100% faceted/polished on the top, all sides, and the bottom, making a true coffin shaped "gemstone"…not a "flat bottom" stone, rounded edges or cabochon.  Our gemstones shine from all straight, pointed angles of the design, including the bottom!  These are called “deep” or “belly cut” stones which means you are getting a lot more stone for your money.   

  • Where it is made -  Foreign countries that sell jewelry shipped to the USA cannot be legally bound to what claims they make about the quality of their jewelry/gemstones, unlike the statutes required of businesses in the USA.  This applies to any product, not just jewelry.   

  • Gemstone setting -  The tiniest gemstones are the hardest to set, requiring a lot of time for the bench jeweler to complete the item.  Every stone we use is prong-set, which means each one has (at least) 4 prongs that close around the gemstone. They are never glued or piggy-backed

  • Handcrafted work  – Handcrafted work has always been more expensive than mass-produced or big jewelry store items.  Every one of our designs are handcrafted in Houston Tx - by just four people - from casting the metal -  to setting the stone(s) - to finishing the item - all done on demand when you order them.  None of this is done by machines.  There are no trays of stock sitting around.  Never has and never will.

  • Who makes it - There has been literal explosion of coffin shaped gemstones all over the world in the past 5 years, where there  had been VERY few before.  While we appreciate this sincere form of flattery by imitating us, we have found that coffin shaped gemstones vary GREATLY - depending on who makes them, along with the prices they charge.  Coffin Gems® does only ONE thing - coffin shaped gemstones.  It's been our single-focused lifeblood for the last 26+ years...and beyond.  Our name says it all...and its ALL we do.   

 "We are the innovators – not the imitators" - since 1995

Our customers say it best...

ADDITIONAL (hopefully temporary!) FACTORS:  Virtually every facet of our business has been effected by the economy and the Covid-19 pandemic.  It has become a daily struggle to keep our supplies consistent, without incurring shortages or price increases.  That said, we demand that Coffin Gems® remain consistently high quality, and so far, the price increases have been nominal enough for us to absorb those costs without raising prices.  We will continue "the good fight"!