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We use genuine stone materials in our designs such as onyx, quartz, spinel, corundum, sapphire corundum and topaz. Some of these are heat-treated to bring out the vibrant colors that you see. Corundum is what mother nature made natural gems from! 

We only choose materials that have a Mohs scale hardness factor of 7.0 or better for beauty and durability. 


Our materials vary from batch to batch, depending on what is available in our quantities at the time of purchase. Rest assured that you will receive a high-quality stone that will sparkle for a lifetime of wear. 


Our color palette shows the 5ct stone color.  Our colors can vary due to two things: 

  • Size of the stone (smaller stones have a smaller surface area; making them lighter). Keep this in mind when ordering the 1ct and 2ct stones specifically.

  • Lighting (stones have a color difference depending on the lighting method used). Our pictures are taken under fluorescent jewelry store lighting.  ​

These variances do not apply to Ghost or Death. 

All of our silver settings are made from USA-grade sterling silver (.925).  All of our gold settings are 10k gold.  


The web page link below should answer any further questions you have, as well as clear up a lot of misconceptions, regarding the regulations governing precious metals in the USA. Click the link for more information:  In Vogue Jewelry

what factors go into the price of jewelry? 

  • The more metal used – the higher the price.  Thin metal designs cost less than thicker metal designs.  We created thicker metal designs so the piece will last a lot longer.  This is important when casting sterling silver, as it is soft and pliable, therefore will bend easier than gold.      

  • The type of metal used - .925 sterling silver is more affordable than gold, especially right now with the markets increasing daily. The sterling silver we purchase is AAA grade, meaning it polishes and shines brighter than typical sterling silver.  The 10k gold we use is also AAA grade which is brighter and hard enough to hold the gemstones in our designs.  

  • Gemstone Type/Grade/Size – All of these factor into the final price.  We use semi-precious gemstones of the highest quality.  They are 100% faceted/polished on the top, all sides, and the bottom, making a true coffin shaped "gemstone"…not a "flat bottom" or cabochon.  Our gemstones shine from all angles of the design, including the bottom!  These are called “deep” or “belly cut” stones which means you are getting a lot more stone for your money.   

  • Gemstone setting -  The tiniest gemstones are the hardest to set, requiring a lot of time for the bench jeweler to complete the item.  Every stone we use are prong-set, which means each one has (at least) 4 prongs that close around the gemstone. They are never glued or piggy-backed. 

  • Handcrafted work  – Handcrafted work has always been more expensive than mass-produced items.  Every one of our designs are handcrafted in the USA from the casting of the metal, to setting the stone(s), to finishing the item, all on demand when you order them.  None of this is done by machines.  There are no trays of stock sitting around.  Never has and never will.  We are the innovators – not the imitators.

If you are near Houston, TX and would like to see our gemstone colors/sizes, see our bench jewelers at work, or inquire about our metals used, please feel free to visit our location


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