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information on shipping during the covid-19 pandemic

All three of us are working hard to create your designs...but they are taking 3-4 weeks to ship due to limitations on hours/places we can work.  Our home location (Texas) is opening more businesses each week and we look forward to be back to normal operations within a few weeks.

We are creating orders exactly as they were received (by order date), so please check the date that you ordered your design to see if it has been 4 weeks.

To speed up this process once the orders are done, we are shipping all designs Priority Mail (whether your purchased this service or not).  You will be automatically emailed a tracking number from the system when the label is printed for shipment.  

USPS Information: We have noticed that USPS is scanning some, but not all, of our packages when we submit them at the post office. This means it will look as though it is not moving through the system, but will then get scanned when put on the delivery truck in your area locally. Why this is happening, we do not know.

International Orders: We have noticed that Canada is restricting some shipments and this may delay your orders. Germany has a similar restriction. Please check to see the requirements for shipments coming from the USA into your country for further delays/details. We have no control over this.

Stay safe and thank you from all of us at Coffin Gems!


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