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Updated: Aug 31

Coffin Gems® has been creating some new designs and they have been launched! Customer input helped us to create these designs based on their requests. Your input is always welcomed and invaluable to us! You will find these in their appropriate Shopping Sections!

Adding to our 2ct Bezel and Eternity Halos, we created a 3ct version of both! LAUNCHED!

Adding to our 1, 2 and 3ct Classic Solitaires, we created a 5ct version! LAUNCHED!

New Design! - a Men's Plain Wedding band, 6mm wide, that compliments our Women's Classic and Halo rings! LAUNCHED!

New Deisgn! - a Men's 5-stone designer band, that compliments our Women's Accent and Halo rings! LAUNCHED!

New Design! - a Filigree Chevron band, 6.8mm at the tip, that compliments our solitaire rings! LAUNCHED!

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