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Our designs are all prong set which secures the accent stone(s) into the design.  However, small stones can come loose and work their way out of the prong setting.  This is not a fault of the design, materials, setting method or customer use, it can just sometimes happen.  This is especially true of silver as it is a softer metal than gold.  


Not to worry - we have you covered!  We can replace the accent stone(s) for you!  


We will replace the accent stone(s) with the same color accent stone(s) that you have.  We will then give the design a nice cleaning and package it for shipment back to you. 


If we find a problem with the integrity of the metal, you will be advised on what should be done to repair it and the cost of that repair.  


This listing is for one (1) ring.  Please add additional quantities for multiple rings. 


How does this work?

Purchase this listing, then email to get the address to send your item to us.  Please include the order number that shows your identifying details.

Accent Stone Replacement

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