To offer this service to our customers who have been asking for it…we now offer Rhodium finishing! Please note the following information and stipulations:  

"Rhodium is the most expensive of the naturally occurring platinum group. It produces a shiny, durable, tarnish free finish. While the look is awesome, rhodium will wear off. This is especially true on rings that are worn daily and are simple, smooth and shiny. Earrings and pendants last longer as they don’t get the frequent hand washing that rings get."

It is estimated that rhodium would need to be re-plated every 12 months, but this can vary widely depending on the wear and tear the piece sustains. We cannot offer a guarantee of how long the finish will last. We also cannot refund the finish due to fading, chipping, wear patterns, scraping, resizing, or if the result is not liked after it has been done. The buyer accepts 100% responsibility for the rhodium finish once it has been applied. 

We offer 2 colors of Rhodium, white(clear) and black:


  • WHITE (CLEAR) Rhodium: Sterling silver jewelry will not tarnish.  It will not change the color of sterling silver; however, it does shine bright!  It also makes gold very shiny! 
  • BLACK Rhodium: Sterling silver jewelry will not tarnish. It does change the color of the jewelry to a semi-shiny dark gray/black.


Rhodium Finish

Finish Color

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