Rhodium Plating Service

We offer a rhodium plating service for all of our designs done in white gold or sterling silver!   


Rhodium is one of the platium group of metals which is a silvery-white, hard precious metal that does not oxidize.  It is resistant to corrosion, tarnishing and scratches. 


It is used in plating white gold to increase its shine and resist scratches.  It is used in plating sterling silver to add shine, reduce tarnishing, and to keep the silver from reacting with sweat, soaps, cleaners, nail products, etc. 


There are a couple of downsides to rhodium plating to be aware of: 


  • As it is just a surface treatment, it will wear off over time and need to be redone. 
  • If you want to resize a ring that's rhodium plated, the plating will need to be redone and not every jeweler has an electroplating machine or is willing to do it.  


This listing is priced for one piece.  Please increase the quantity for multiple piece(s). 


Rhodium Plating Service