Jewelry Care

Your Coffin Gems® piece is fine jewelry, not "fashion jewelry".  It is designed to give you a lifetime of beautiful wear;  therefore delicate use and care is needed to keep your design looking the way it did when it was new.  

To keep your jewelry debris-free and as sparkling as possible, the following method works well by professional jewelers: 

  • Put a few drops of liquid dish soap in a bowl of lukewarm water. Mix gently.

  • Soak the jewelry in the solution for 5-10 minutes.

  • Gently scrub all over with a soft-bristle toothbrush.  Be careful not to scrub the gemstone face as it can scratch.

  • Rinse in warm running water, then pat dry with a soft cloth. 

As with all fine jewelry, every year or so (depending on frequency of wear) it should be inspected for weak areas or prongs that have loosened/worn over time.  For this reason, we  are happy to offer our Resurrection service!  ​

Warranty & Refunds


Q: What is the warranty period on your jewelry? 

A: Our warranty period is (15) days from date of receipt (delivery date as stated by the shipper). This gives you time to inspect, wear and enjoy the design you purchased. If you find a problem, we will be happy to repair/replace the item at no cost to you.  Sorry, the warranty does not cover sizing, color variances, stone chips/cracks or pulled prongs.    

Q: My jewelry is out of warranty. Am I out of luck?  

A: No, of course not!  We will assess what happened and advise you on the best way to fix the problem. It may be repair or replacement of your purchase, dependent upon what happened.  Most minor problems can easily be fixed by us, so we are happy to offer our Resurrection Service  - our "on-demand warranty" service. 



Coffin Gems® is not a jewelry "store" chain with hundreds of designs pre-created and sitting around waiting for you to purchase them...(but we appreciate the compliment that you think that we are!).  We are just a 4-person, woman-owned business.  

That said, ALL of our designs are custom created for you at the time you order them; therefore, no refunds or exchanges are allowed, expressed or implied.  Please be sure of your purchase, as once submitted, it cannot be altered.