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About Us

Born in 1995 from the owners' lifelong love of the vintage 6-sided European coffin shape, Coffin Gems® began as a happy accident.  Starting with just 3 colors, only gemstones were sold.  Customer appeal came quick and fast - most customers asking to have jewelry made from the gems. 

Setting the stones by hand, Coffin Gems® graduated from precast settings in 2005 to custom settings showcasing the stones.  As customer interest and input continued to build, more colors, sizes, and many more designs for both men and women were added.  We have been dubbed "The Gothic Tiffany's" and "Beautiful Darkness" by our loyal customer following.  We are honored to have such monikers. 

In 2014 Coffin Gems® added a Social Media Manager to handle the influx of customer questions, interest and ordering assistance.  In 2016 Coffin Gems® added a casting manager and bench jeweler to cast and set the jewelry pieces.  

Today the owner continues to build the Coffin Gems® brand, constantly designing and creating exciting new designs, while taking great care to keep the small business customer feel and service; turning down a big-box store offer in 2003 to stock the designs in all of their stores, but only if they could be made from inferior (a.k.a. cheap) materials.  It was turned down flat.  Coffin Gems® is a 4-person, woman-owned business, with everything handmadejust for you - when you order it - proudly created and made entirely in the USA. 

That said, try as we might, our creations may have (at times) small flaws or imperfections in the metal (especially sterling silver as it is very porous), a tiny fiber from our final hand polishing cloths, a stray fingerprint, and the like.  We do our very best to keep this to a minimum by having an "eye clean" inspection before boxing and shipping.  We aren't perfect, but we are dedicated to our beautiful Coffin Gems® and its' wonderful customers!