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We have services available to our customers both before and after the sale, so we are always here to help you!  

  • Ring Sizing - We open the shank of the ring to either remove or add metal to achieve the customer size (unlike places that will simply stretch the metal, therefore weakening it).  The shank is then soldered closed; the metal smoothed and buffed to it's original high luster. We also clean up the ring so it looks brand new when you get it back. 


  • RIng Fusing - We suggest fusing (soldering) rings together, especially our sets. The main advantage of this is that it increases the longevity of the rings. When rings are rubbing against each other it creates a sandpaper effect, which can eventually lead to costly repairs and sometimes loss of side stones. Fusing also ensures that the stones are lined up and the wearer doesn't have to adjust the rings as they move on your finger.

  • Resurrection Loose stone(s) will be tightened.  Light scratches in the metal will be buffed out and the ring shank re-rounded (as needed).  We inspect and repair bent prongs or metal if it will not compromise the integrity of the piece.  The piece is high-pressure steam cleaned to remove all debris, dirt and oils, then given a final polish to bring back the luster of the piece, then packed and shipped back to you.  And ...unlike other jewelry stores (who charge extra for this service) - We also include our ring sizing service (a $59.99 value!) if needed.  

  • Custom CAD - We have done many custom CAD designs for our customers - whether you want to design your ring around our Coffin Gems®, design an accompaniment ring, or edit one of our current designs, we can create it for you.  We  take your photos, sketches, drawings and ideas to create your own personal design.  **Casting, setting and finishing the design is extra, depending on your choice of metal, stones, size, etc. 

  • Jewelry Revival Service - Do you have a Coffin Gems® design that you would like made into another design?  Maybe a design just sitting in your jewelry box that you don’t wear or has broken?  Want to turn a pendant into a ring or vice versa?  Want to upgrade from sterling silver to our Argentium® silver? Don’t sell off your old design to get a new one, we can put your Coffin Gem into a new design using our Revival Service! 

  • Custom Accent Stones - While we stock black or white accent stone colors, we also have the availability to offer many colors and materials of our accent stones to our customers!   

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