Ring Size

Some methods to get an accurate ring measurement
(even if you need to get a size without the person knowing it!):   


  • Visit any local store that sells rings. They always have ring sizers and would be happy to size your finger.

  • Visit any local store that sells rings and take an existing ring that fits.  They will be happy to tell you the size.

You can also purchase our ring sizer kit to get an accurate measurement here:  



Please be mindful of the fact that fingers are puffier the first thing in the morning. Also note that fingers are smaller in colder temperatures.  Take your measurment mid-morning/afternoon and at room temperature to get the truest fit.  

Please DO NOT guess!  Resizing rings is a costly and time-consuming venture! 

If your ring is just a little big, please see this website for helpful tips and cost-saving methods of resizing -  Ring Sizers

Ring Sizer Kit