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All of our silver settings are made from solid (and not plated) Argentium® .935 silver. It shines like 10k white gold.  It is harder, tarnish resistant and shines brighter than sterling silver.  We are a proud member of the Argentium® Silver Guild and stock Argentium® silver.  

All of our gold settings are solid (and not plated) USA grade 10k gold. It is brighter, strong and durable for a lifetime of wear.  Gold is ordered as you purchase it, taking approximately 2-3 weeks. 








While we offer the metals shown here, we can get any metal you would prefer, including 14k gold, 18k gold, Platinum and Palladium, to name a few.  Please contact us with your specific requests.  

Suggestion - If you are purchasing a wedding ring, or for any occasion that you will wear it constantly, we highly suggest that you purchase 10k gold. This is especially true for rings with small accent stones. While our Argentium® is harder than regular silver, it is not as hard as gold.  



In addition to the price of the metal you choose, other cost factors effect the final price of a piece of jewelry.  

The more metal that is used – the higher the price. Thin metal designs cost less than thick metal designs.  Our jewelry is designed and created as thicker metal designs so the piece will last, and they are cast as one piece - not soldered strips of metal.       

The type of metal used -  Argentium® silver is more expensive than sterling silver.  However, the benefits of it outweight the cost factor.  It shines like 10k white gold, is harder, tarnish resistant and shines brighter than sterling silver.  

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