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The hottest ice and true diamond sparkle of all of our stones!  Shows and beams every facet from every angle. Color D and Clarity VVS+! 


Our gems are made from materials such as corundum, topaz and spinel. Corundum is what mother nature makes natural gems from and so do we! We only use materials having a Mohs hardness scale 7.0+ for both beauty and durability. Softer stones such as opal, moonstone and crystals don't retain the sharp angle faceting over time.

We use the highest quality materials that will accept our precise coffin cut. They are 100% faceted/polished on the top, all sides, and the bottom, making a true coffin shaped "gemstone", expertly cut by one of the top gem cutters in the world.  These are called “belly cut” stones, meaning you get more stone for your money.

Smaller stones have a smaller surface area; therefore they will be lighter in color. Keep this in mind when ordering the 1ct and 2ct stones specifically. Stones can also show a color shift depending on the lighting method used.


All of our Moissanite® Diamonds (Coffin Gems as well as accent stones) are Color D, Clarity VVS+; having the most brilliant sparkle and clarity, and they come with a GRA certificate of authenticity. 


In typical Moissanite® fashion, they are as hard as a diamond, having an absolute gorgeous sparkle and look of a fine diamond without the diamond price!  They are breathtaking! 

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