Our Gemstones
Marble Surface


The hottest ice and the highest sparkle of all of our stones, this one takes the cake! Completely translucent - showing every facet from every angle.   

Our main gemstone photo is photographed using our 10ct stone under florescent light. 
We have added "candid" customer shots alongside our main photos for further reference.


Our gems are made from materials such as corundum, topaz and spinel.  Some of these are heat-treated to bring out the vibrant colors that you see. Corundum is what mother nature makes natural gems from and so do we! 

We only choose materials that have a Mohs scale hardness factor of 7.0 or better for both beauty and durability.  Be informed and aware of the fact that stones such as opals, moonstones, crystals, etc.,  are too soft of a material to be cut into a true "faceted" coffin shape and made into a ring. They will eventually crack, break, flake or pit.  We don't want our customers to experience that, so we don't sell them. 

Our materials vary from batch to batch, depending on what is available in our quantities  and color at the time of purchase. Rest assured that you will receive a high-quality stone that will sparkle for a lifetime of wear. 

Accent Stones:   We use dark red, black and white topaz stones to make our accent designs.  


Moissanite Accent Stones:   Discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893, Moissanite® is a carbon silicate (diamonds are pure carbon).  Moissanite® is a 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a 10).  Moissanite® has much more fire and brilliance than a diamond.  All of our Moissanite® is Color D and Clarity VVS+ on the diamond scale, making them exquisitely beautiful!



Colors can vary due to two things: 

  • Size of the stone:  Smaller stones have a smaller surface area; therefore they will be lighter.  Keep this in mind when ordering the 1ct and 2ct stones specifically.

  • Lighting:  Stones can show a color shift depending on the lighting method used. 

We are not a manufacturer or stone cutting service.  We aren't capable of creating custom colors or materials for you, or cutting your own materials into our shape.  Additionally, while we offer diamond accents for our designs, we cannot have diamonds cut into our shape. 


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