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Are Your Rings Low Profile? That Depends!

It is a hard question to answer as interpretation of height is largely based on individual taste and personal preference! 

But, here are some things to keep in mind...


  • The larger the stone, the higher the ring.  Our stones are all “belly cut”, which means they are “thicker” to incorporate the facets/angles of the stone on the top, bottom and sides.  This gives the customer a more beautiful stone as well as more stone for your money. 

  • We did “adjust” our Soltaire ring in 2021 to be a lower profile ring than it had been before so all of our Solitaire rings are now sold that way, as shown in their listings.

  • We redesigned our Accent ring in 2023 to be a lower profile than it was before.

  • Rings that are designed to be a matching “set” are higher, i.e., our 5ct Classic Solitaire Set.  The main ring needs to be higher in order to incorporate the added bands to fit flush up against the main ring.    

  • The perfect stone size for everyday-wear rings are the 1ct, 2ct and 3ct stones. The 5ct stone is going to be a little higher set due to the stone size, and the 10ct is the highest set stone we have. 10ct stones are what used to be called “cocktail rings”; meaning they were worn for cocktail parties and other events, but not everyday. Based upon that, here is a basic guide -

Lower Profile Rings

Higher Profile Rings

2ct and 3ct Trinity Ring

5ct Classic Solitaire

Past - Present - Future Ring

5ct Classic Set

1ct, 2ct, 3ct Solitaire Ring

All 10ct rings

2ct, 3ct, 5ct Halo Ring (both designs)

10ct Accent Ring

1ct, 2ct, 3ct Classic Ring

2ct, 3ct, 5ct Accent Ring

All Men's Rings

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