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Argentium® vs Sterling Silver - what's the diff?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We did a side-by-side test of Argentium® silver versus sterling silver back in 2022. The difference was amazing! We immediatley changed our silver offerings and why all of our silver settings are now made only from solid (and not plated) Argentium® .935 silver.

Argentium® Silver is more expensive than sterling silver. However, the benefits of it outweight the cost factor. It shines like 10k white gold. It is harder, tarnish resistant and shines brighter than sterling silver.

We are a proud member of the Argentium® Silver Guild and are authorized to use their logos, marketing materials and trademarks.

Info From The Pros -

Argentium Silver is a superior, high performance silver that contains a greater amount of pure silver (93.5%) than Sterling (92.5%), with the remainder being made up of other alloys including a small amount of germanium.

Argentium Silver is the whitest metal with the longest-lasting shine. Argentium Silver is 4.5 times brighter and twice as white as traditional sterling silver. Sulphur, UV and perspiration tests indicate that Argentium 935 is 7 times more tarnish resistant than Sterling (which contains copper).

It’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties make it an appealing choice of Silver. It is nickel free and is suited for jewelry intended to be worn every day, due to its resistance to scratches, dents, and deformation. As a low-maintenance metal it is very easy to care for and keep clean.

Fewer chemicals are used in production of jewelry created from Argentium Silver, so it’s much kinder to the environment.

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