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Our Gemstones and Cost Factors

Updated: Feb 24

We use the highest quality materials that will accept our precise coffin cut. They are 100% faceted/polished on the top, all sides, and the bottom, making a true coffin shaped "gemstone", expertly cut by one of the top gem cutters in the world since 1995. They are more expensive, but they are well worth the result in absolute quality and consistency. Our stones are called “belly cut” stones, meaning you get more stone for your money. They are not slightly pointed, flat-bottomed or “cabochon”. Beware of sellers who photograph coffin gemstones and jewelry "upside down" or "backwards" (feel free to giggle here as I did).

After much trial and error over the years, we only use materials having a Mohs hardness scale 7.0+ for both beauty and durability. Softer stones such as opal, moonstone and crystals won't retain the sharp-angle faceting over time. They are also prone to scratching, cracking and actual breakage. They may look great for a year or so, but they won't withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, not all stones are meant to be cut into a coffin shape!

Our gemstones are conflict-free and readily available at all times.

All of our Moissanite® Diamonds (Coffin Gems® as well as our accent stones) are Color D, Clarity VVS+; having the most brilliant sparkle and clarity, and they come with our GRA certificate of authenticity card with every purchase. They are expertly cut/faceted/polished in exactly the same way as our regular Coffin Gems® (described above).

Our Moissanite® Diamond accent stones are used in all of our accent stone jewelry. Yes, the price is higher for them, but once we saw the Moissanite stones compared to other available accent stones, the choice to offer them became immediately apparent! They are much higher quality and they accompany our Coffin Gems® to make a truly breathtaking piece of jewelry.

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