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We do lots of custom CAD designs for our customers - whether you want to design your ring around our Coffin Gems® or design an added accompaniment ring to one of our stock designs, we can do it for you! 


This service takes your photos, sketches, drawings, ideas and create your personal design.  A simple design is like the one in the pictures.  An intricate design has filigree, multiple stones, metal detailing, etc.  Edit Our Design is for changing the coffin gem size (and minor edits) of the chosen stock design.  Choose from Simple, Intricate or Edit Our Design.  


You will get one complimentary edit with the design we make for you.  If additional edits are needed, they are priced according to the design.


You are purchasing a CAD design only.  Casting, setting and finishing the design is extra, depending on your choice of metal, stones and size, etc. 


We will contact you via email to talk about your design requirements and get information from you along the way. 


This listing is for one (1) ring.  Please add additional quantities for multiple rings.

Custom CAD Design

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