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Our Moissanite Diamonds are spectacular!  The brilliance, depth, clarity and sparkle outshine even diamonds, without the diamond price.  They are Color D, Clarity VVS+ - having the most brilliant sparkle and clarity. We carry the hightest quality materials and each one comes with a GRA certificate of authenticity.


Your choice of White Diamond (true diamond sparkle!), Black Diamond (sheen like a black diamond!), Emerald Green (emerald sparkle in an deep green hue!), or Sapphire Blue (dark blue with blue sparkle hues like a dark blue sapphire!). 


See videos of our Moissanite Diamond Gemstones here


****5ct and 10ct sizes can be custom ordered, having a lead time of about 3 weeks and are roughly $100 per carat.  Please email  me for an invoice and delivery time.**** 


****This is an upgrade listing for our customers purchasing one of our designs, wanting to upgrade the design to a Moissanite Diamond.  This is not a loose gemstone listing.****

Moissanite Diamonds

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