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What is this service?  Big box stores call this a "warranty service" and at a price (charged yearly, or a higher price for "lifetime" service).  We don't do that.  We let you purchase this service as you need it as one service/one time.  

What do we do? Loose stone(s) will be tightened.  Light scratches in the metal will be buffed out and the ring shank re-rounded (as needed).  We inspect and repair bent prongs or metal if it will not compromise the integrity of the piece.  The piece is high-pressure steam cleaned to remove all debris, dirt and oils, then given a final polish to bring back the luster of the piece, then packed and shipped back to you.


and...unlike other jewelry stores (who charge extra for this service) - We also include our ring sizing service (a $59.99 value!) if needed.  


This listing is for one (1) ring.  Please add additional quantities for multiple rings. 


Additional Charges (possible):  Broken prongs, replacing the main stone, requiring a new setting, etc.  We will advise you upon inspection of our findings and send you a quote.  


How does this work?

Purchase this listing, then email to get the address to send your item to us.  Please include the order number that shows your identifying details, along with the issues you want us to address.

Resurrection Service

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