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What is a RESURRECTION Service? A deep clean, high speed polish and inspection is part of the routine care and maintenance needed to keep fine jewelry looking like new.  Normally this is done once a year. 


This is typically called a "warranty service" by big-box jewelry stores, and at a price (charged yearly, or at a higher price for "lifetime" service) depending on the value of your jewelry.  We don't do that.  We let you purchase this service as you want it for one service/one time.  


What do we do? Loose stone(s) will be tightened.  Light scratches in the metal will be buffed out.  We will inspect the piece for bent or broken prongs. We will advise you if we find something that needs a full repair done. AND...


...unlike other jewelry stores who charge extra for these services - we also include resizing the ring (if desired) AND we will replace missing accent stones and buff out light scratches from the coffin gem (if needed).


The piece is then polished entirely to remove any minor scratches, which makes the surface smooth and shiny again.  Dirt, oil, lotions, etc., on the metal and the gemstone(s) are removed.  The piece is steam cleaned to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning agents.  It is then packed and shipped back to you.  

How does the RESURRECTION Service Work?

Purchase this listing.  We will send you the address to ship your item to us.  Please include the receipt that has identifying details such as your name, address, email, etc.  Items without identifying details will not be honored and returned.

Resurrection Service

  • 2-3 weeks, from Houston, TX