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What is a RESURRECTION Service? A basic clean, polish, and inspection is part of the routine care and maintenance needed (normally done once a year) to keep your jewelry looking like new. The inspection process includes looking for loose stones, bent prongs, and any damage to the metal or stone(s) that needs to be repaired.

What we do: During inspection, any loose stone(s) will be tightened. If there is any damage to the setting that would require our repair service, it will be told to you. The jewelry is then buffed and polished to remove any minor scratches, which makes the surface of your jewelry smooth and shiny again. The jewelry is cleaned to remove all the dirt, oil, lotions etc. on the metal and the gemstones. The jewelry is steam cleaned to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning agents.  It will also be resized if desired.  It is then packed and shipped back to you.  

Our repair service (for an additional charge) does: Bent or broken prongs, missing stones, rhodium coating, etc. 

How does the RESURRECTION Service Work? Purchase this listing, then ship your item to our address on the receipt, along with identifying details such as your name, address, email, etc.  Items without identifying details will not be honored and returned.

Resurrection Service

  • 2-3 weeks, from Houston, TX