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What goes into making a coffin gem design? Why are you different?

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When I started Coffin Gems® back in 1995, there were no other coffin shaped gemstones available at all…none. In 1998, I was approached by Spencer Gifts to create a coffin gemstone ring with a wholesale price point of $10. I turned them down. What they were asking, in essence, was that I make the ring from glass gemstones and base metal. I refused. My philosophy then, as it is now, is that I would rather sell one quality product to a customer that makes them happy and proud to wear it, other than 1000 products that are cheaply made, available everywhere, and get thrown in a drawer along with other costume jewelry.

Since that time, the coffin shaped gemstone industry has exploded all over the world (go look at Etsy for example). I guess I should be flattered! Most of them reside in foreign countries, or as a “side hustle” to enhance their regular jewelry line. As soon as one discontinues their coffin shaped gemstone line, another five pop up in its place. Unfortunately, none of them appear to have maintained the quality and service that Coffin Gems® has insisted upon since its inception. Yes, I constantly “shop the competition”. One interesting point, among many, that gives me a giggle every time I see it, is that so many of the sellers photograph the coffin gem ‘upside down’. A dead giveaway to the lack of understanding of what the basic coffin shape even is!

I am taking this opportunity to give you some “educated information” on we do, why we do it (or don’t do it), and what to look for in a coffin gemstone design, whether you buy it from me or not. I fully understand that times are tight, and perhaps you can’t afford a Coffin Gems® design right now. That’s okay. We will be here for you when you are ready; as we have been since 1995. It’s all we do!

Our Gemstones

Some of our gems are made from materials such as corundum, quartz, topaz and spinel. Corundum is what mother nature makes natural gems from and so do we! Some are heat-treated to bring out the consistently goregeous colors that we have. Our gemstones are conflict-free and readily available at all times.

· After much trial and error, we only use materials having a Mohs hardness scale 7.0+ for both beauty and durability. Softer stones such as opal, moonstone and most crystals don't retain the sharp angle faceting over time, and are prone to scratching, cracking and actual breakage. Unfortunately, not all gemstones are meant to be cut into a coffin shape!

· We use the highest quality materials that will accept our precise coffin cut. They are 100% faceted/polished on the top, all sides, and the bottom, making a true coffin shaped "gemstone", expertly cut by one of the top gem cutters in the world. These are called “belly cut” stones, meaning you get more stone for your money. They are not slightly pointed, flat-bottomed or “cabochon”.

All of our Moissanite® Diamonds (Coffin Gems as well as accent stones) are Color D, Clarity VVS+; having the most brilliant sparkle and clarity, and they come with our GRA certificate of authenticity. Do they? Can they prove it? Are all of their accent stones also Moissanite diamonds?

Our Metals

In addition to the price of the metal you choose, other cost factors effect the final price of a piece of jewelry.

· The more metal that is used – the higher the price. Thin metal designs cost less than thick metal designs. Our jewelry is designed and created as thicker metal designs so the piece will last, and they are cast as one piece - not soldered strips of metal. How thick are their bands? How are they made? Are they custom designed specifically for a coffin cut stone?

· The type of metal used - Argentium® silver is more expensive than sterling silver. However, the benefits of it outweighs the cost factor. It shines like 10k white gold, is harder, tarnish resistant and shines brighter than sterling silver. All of our silver settings are made from solid (and not plated) Argentium® .935 silver. Do they use Argentium Silver? Can they prove it? Are they registered with the Argentium guild?

All of our gold settings are solid (and not plated) USA grade 10k gold. It is brighter, strong and durable for a lifetime of wear. A big shift in the gold market since 2020 is now offering 9k gold as 10k gold. This is usually done by foreign countries where 9k gold is more plentiful.

We partnered with a worldwide casting and design company in Chicago to be able to offer the metals shown here, we can get any metal you would prefer, including 14k gold, 18k gold, Platinum and Palladium, to name a few.

Suggestion - If you are purchasing a wedding ring, or for any occasion that you will wear it constantly, we highly suggest that you purchase at least 10k gold. This is especially true for rings with small accent stones. While our Argentium® is harder than regular silver, it is not as hard as 10k gold.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into Coffin Gems®, as well as other online retail sellers, so you can make an educated decision regarding your coffin gemstone purchase. We like educated customers and are always happy to answer any questions that you have.

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